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Welcome to the online swimming pool leak detection tutorial you can use at your own home. Guaranteed successful- Find your Swimming pool leak yourself or your money back!


Finding and repairing a swimming pool leak can be easy if you follow my online tutorials that focus on dye testing and its powerful use in swimming pool leak detection. If your pool is losing more than a 1/4" a day or your filling it more than once a week - you have got a leak- Now its time to take action and find it. I can help.

Hi there, My name is Nathan and Ive been in the swimming pool leak detection business for over 20 years. I started back in 1989 when they had the earthquake in Northern California and I have looked at over 20,000 pools since then. Along the way Ive been taking pictures and editing videos to quickly train employees to be effective in stopping a leak in a pool. Theres a pattern to these leaks and detecting them can be quite a simple task if your taught the right methods. I just want you to take a little bit of time and try to do it yourself. It could be something simple and Ill get you through any rough spots. I guarantee you will find your leak or your money back -so my success depends on your success.

If you have any questions you can Email me at LEAKY2@HOTMAIL.COM; you can also email pictures so I can understand your question better. If you want to call or send me pictures by text anytime-

my number is 239-961-9299



NEW! Added just this year is my latest tutorial on VINYL LINER POOL LEAKS. I can just imagine how many vinyl pools are leaking across the United States and I guarantee this to be the simplest solution for everyone that owns one. Ive seen some YouTube videos done by amateurs and all have good intentions but none clearly demonstrate the tricks that I have developed after repairing over 6000 vinyl liner pools. This newly made 16 minute video is the simplest and fastest way to teach you to find that leak. You don't need special tools or skills. You can find and fix that leak today.



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Leak Detection Testimonials

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"That’s what I love about the internet; I have direct communication with an expert in the swimming pool leak repair business. Dan Wood, Norfolk VA"

My husband leaves me in charge of the swimming pool and when it started leaking a ½” a day I did not know where to go. This is the first thing I tried and I repaired the pool leak the first time. Susan, Fremont CA
Your program was fantastic- I did not think it was going to be so easy –the leak was in the light just like you showed.  I feel confident enough to find any leak in any pool. I joke my wife about starting my own pool leak detection repair business because there is no one in our area. Bob and Mary Anderson, Lovett Texas"

"My vinyl liner pool springs a leak every year and it cost me $185 every time. I can patch the vinyl liner pool myself now- Thank you!"

"I’ve owned my pool for six years and have never had to add water to it- until last week - every morning I looked out my kitchen window and I could tell it was down a bit!  I found a leak in the skimmer and its back to normal again."

"I paid my son and his friend $20 each to watch your videos and try to find the leak in my pool.  They found and repaired the pool leak - and it’s all they could talk about all weekend."

"Our pool guy worked on our swimming pool and it still leaked – he kept telling us it was evaporation and never tried to correct it. I studied this material for 15 minutes and fixed my leak in one day. Now my water bill will be back to normal. J. Gerswin"

"I just wanted thank you Nate, I had scheduled a leak detection company for the following Wednesday and they were going to charge me $200 to find the leak in my pool.  I found your guide Saturday morning and by noon I repaired the pool leak myself.    Sandy Jones, Savannah, GA"

"I was headed on vacation and I was scared I would burn out a pool pump if the water level went too low- without a doubt- I fixed the pool leak before I left."

"My friend told me about Pool leak App.com- What a great resource for a swimming pool owner."

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