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Accurate Leak Detection is offering nationwide franchises. Professional leak detection is much in demand throughout the country, but it is difficult to find a place to gain experience. Many people are unaware that their area is in need such a professional. Is it a good business?- It is the number one growing market in the WORLD, but try to name 3 other leak detection companies.

Consider these facts:

More and more pools are being constructed every day, but are often so poorly built that they will need service sooner than one would think.  And we are well aware of the fact that the older ones have already begun to leak.  The swimming pool market, however, is only one aspect of the need for an experienced leak detector.  Old plumbing systems under houses are also another source of concern.  The number of leaks are doubling and tripling each successive year.  It usually takes at least one month for the water company to respond with a firm call to the owner, informing them of a problem.  It is not uncommon for a hidden residential plumbing leak to cost the owner over $400 per month.

To make matters worse, water is getting progressively more expensive.  Lawmakers and water districts are clogging the courts with lawsuits over water rights and uses.   In many parts of the country the ground water, or aquifer, is being over pumped to the point that lakes and ponds are going dry.  This is becoming a major concern which is only heightened by the recent theory that the underground aquifer will be contaminated with salt water from the oceans.  All of these problems combine not only to increase the cost of water, but also the importance of preventing unnecessary water loss.

Professional leak detectors are greatly needed in all parts of the country.  Leak detectors find the leak and in most cases fix the leak, saving the pool owner both money and water.  If you have a pool or an older plumbing system, you will eventually need the services a Leak Detector can provide.  The demand for Professionals is high, and if you want to become one, the benefits of the job itself are high too!  A leak detection business is one of the most profitable and risk free around.

Once you are involved in the basics of leak detection, expanding into other related fields is easy.  The possibility of expanding into everything from weekly pool service to refinishing pools and decks, is high if the desire is there. Establishing your own highly specialized pool service makes it easier to group clients and accounts in the neighborhood you want.

As you can see, the leak detection business is one of the most profitable and risk free around, and it is greatly needed in all parts of the country. Learn more about becoming a member of the  ACCURATE LEAK DETECTION family. Email us with any questions or comments you have.